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Google Editions E-books for eReader Market; A new approach to the personal digital library

Independent Booksellers Can Partner with Google Editions to Sell EBooks, Opening a Larger Market

By Nancy De Jonge Свежая информация live cameras in new york city тут.

Initially expected to launch in the summer, Google has been working on its own ereader solution for the masses, called Google Editions. The approach is completely different from what the competitors are doing with their ereader solutions. Digital books, once purchased, will live in your personal bookshelf. Consumers will be able to access and read the material on most devices with internet access and a web browser. Once a Google Edition is purchased and is added to a consumer's bookshelf, consumers can access it using their Google Account.

Google Editions will be sold through its Google Books site. If Google Editions is developed anywhere along the lines of where Google’s other ventures have gone, purchasing digital books for electronic reading should be super easy. Customers will search Google Books, where they can preview their e-book selections and then have the option to purchase the Google Edition. The reading experienced is optimized for reading in a browser, so readers will be able to access the information through a Web browser, including personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

A Twist on the Ereader; What this could mean for Tablet sales

Google Editions technology is not dependent upon a specific ereader. Instead, Google has gone in the direction of an open ereader format, namely any smartphone, personal computer and tablet that has WiFi. Retail prices will be similar for ebooks than what is offered at or Barnes and Noble’s websites.

In its final launch, however, Google says it will announce its “supported partner devices”. This means that in some fashion Google Editions will indeed have an ereader, but it will likely be from another well-known manufacturer. Sony may fit this bill because of their work together for GoogleTV.

Expanding the reach of digital books

Google Books is thinking about ways to expand the digital book marketplace overall. With Google Editions, booksellers can sell Google Edition e-books from their websites and share revenue with Google. Independent booksellers can install Google Editions on their websites, opening a revenue stream for the local bookstore. And niche websites and blogs may also monetize their readership through sales of digital books on Google Editions for purchase.

Large publishers and independent booksellers and publishers have begun sharing files with Google, in anticipation of the final pre-launch stage, which was initially set for summer 2010, but now looks near its launch. We look forward to seeing who Google partners with for its ereader devices.

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