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Kindle Gets Book Lending

Lend your eBooks to friends and family for free

by JM Butler

Amazon has updated all version sof the Kindle and it's Kindle software for smartphones, tablets and computers to allow for book lending. Whether or not a book is lendable is decided by the publisher and the current lending time is two weeks. Just like lending out a real book, the original owner will not be able to access a book while it is loaned out. Unlike lending out a real book you cannot extend the time it is lent out and you cannot lend the same book to the same person twice, so the lendee must make sure they finish the book in the alotted time period. All of this is done to protect the intellectual property of the author and publisher but the relatively short time period and "once-only" lending rules seem a bit cumbersome, however it is our opinion that being able to lend books is better than not being able to lend them.

The person the book is being lent to does not have to own the Kindle hardware, Kindle apps are available free for iPhones, iPads and Andriod smartphones and tablets, there is also free Kindle software available for Mac and PC. The same rules above apply when lending books to users with Kindle apps.

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