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Aluratek eReaders

The Aluratek Libre eReader was the first ereader to make its way into the Borders bookstores in the US and Canada. Using a wireline connection to download ebooks, epublications, the Aluratek holds plenty of digital materials and has a long battery life.

Size-wise, the 5 inch screen is ample for its solid e-ink digital text and the Libre ereader has fast page turns using a touch navigation toggle buttons at the bottom of the screen. Users can also opt to change pages through a button that runs vertical on the ereader device.

The Aluratek ereader lets users download a fair number of different file types. Features such as highlighting and bookmarking and a lower price point than other ereaders on the marketplace make the Aluratek Libre a solid ereader for students and users who can easily download materials from their home computer connection.

Aluratek Libre Review Rating: 84/100

Before Borders Books put out the Kobo they did't have their own branded eReader like Amazon and Barnes & Noble and they had tied their name and online eBook store to the Libre by Aluratek. It has a 5" e-paper LCD screen and has 24 hours of continuous battery life. This is siginificantly less than other e-ink competitors. It is slightly less expensive than it's direct competitors but doesn't share the robust feature set. Aluratek Libre Specifications

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