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Amazon eReaders

The quality of the Kindle ereader is certainly top notch and continues to improve with each iteration of the device that comes out. Nearly every time users hop onto, an image of the Kindle ereader product seems to appear. It can be argued that Amazon virtually created the ereader marketplace, following on its success in first selling books and then everything else to users. Самая актуальная информация חשפניות на нашем сайте.

Users of all ages are quite comfortable reading and highlighting a book or other reading material on an electronic e-reader device. Each Kindle has improved with the ability and ease of downloading new material onto the device, which can now occur through a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. The most notable improvement in the Kindle ereaders is the contrast ratio, which lets users read in brighter sunlight with the same ease as reading a paper-based book.

Amazon Kindle Review Rating: 91/100

The Kindle is probably the most popular eReader, it wasn't the first one but with Amazon's marketing muscle it has become the best known. Kindle is now in it's third generation and boasts a new high contrast screen, lighter weight and thinner construction. The Kindle is available in a WiFi only version and a 3G and WiFi version, it also comes in the traditional white and new graphite colors. Amazon Kindle Specifications

Amazon Kindle DX

The Kindle DX is based on the second generation Kindle but has a larger 9 inch screen. This model is better for reading some documents and especially PDF files. Amazon Kindle DX Specifications

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