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Barmes & Noble eReaders

Barnes & Noble created the Nook ereader to provide consumers with a quality ereader that could easily plug and play with the website for downloading books and other materials. Initial versions of the NOOK required users to download material with a USB port, but the latest Nook ereaders can also download material wirelessly, which appeals to the WiFi always connected crowd.

Early versions of the NOOK were constantly compared to the Amazon Kindle ereader, yet the NOOK is clearly carving out its own space within the ereader marketplace. The e-Ink on the black and white NOOK lets users read anywhere, including in full sun.

Once the NOOK Color arrived, tech writers, publishers and the user community really took to the product. The NOOK Color allows for some internet browsing and gives users a broader capability than simply reading materials. The Nook Color, in particular, appeals to tech savvy individuals because the operating system is based on Google's Android software. Some proficient users are unlocking the NOOK and turning it into a tablet computer. Either way, Barnes & Noble has a winner with its lineup of NOOK ereaders. We look forward to seeing where the NOOK takes us with future product announcements.

Barnes & Noble Nook Rating: 91/100

Barnes & Noble's answer to the Kindle also has a 6 inch e-ink screen but incorporates a color touch display for browing your library and other fuctions. The Nook supports more file formats than the Kindle and enables checking out e-books from your local library and loaning books to friends. The library and loaning has a time limit before access to the book shuts down. The Nook is also available in WiFi only and 3G/WiFi versions. Barnes & Noble Nook Specifications

Barnes & Noble Nook Color Review Rating: 95/100

The Nook Color is B&N's newest offering. It has a 7 inch, full color touch screen. This is a backlit, refreshing screen so the Nook Color is perhaps more of a tablet computer than an eReader. The Nook Color runs on the Android operating system found in many smartphones and some other tablets. Barnes & Noble Nook Color Specifications

The Barnes & Noble Nook color won a spot on 10rate's 7 inch Tablet Reviews list.

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