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Borders eReaders

Users interested in an e-reader product that has limited buttons, yet all the user friendly navigating features on ereader devices, need to consider the Kobo ereader. Sold in the US through Borders bookstores and with growing availability through other retailers, the Kobo is a highly popular ereader product because of its streamlined navigation features. Подробности аренда авто айя напа на нашем сайте.

Kobo lets users read multiple file format types and falls somewhere in the middle of the file reading capabilities when compared to other manufacturers. (Sony allows for the most file types, and Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble are more proprietary.)

Although the Borders bankruptcy announcement may negatively impact sales of the Kobo devices in the US in the sort term, this Canadian company has a strong future vision, making a Kobo ereader application available for desktop, laptop, tablet computers and smartphones. The Blackberry Playbook comes preinstalled with a Kobo ereader app for instance, which will quickly appeal to the business user marketplace. As well, Kobo's ereader application is cloud-based, meaning that users reading a book on one device, can easily switch over to reading on another device.

Borders Kobo Review Rating: 90/100

Another large bookstore chain has entered the ereader market. Borders has introduced the Kobo ereader, it features a 6" e-ink screen made by the same manufacturer that supplies the screens for the Kindle and the Nook. One of the interesting features is the back of the unit, it is quilted for a comfortable feel. It uses a 5 way digital pad at the bottom of the unit for navigation and has one gigabyte of internal memory. There is no 3G or WiFi connectivity but it can use USB or Blue Tooth to sync books to the unit. It comes in at a cheaper price than some of it's cosest competitors but it also is lacking in some of the features of those units. Borders Kobo Specifications

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