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Pandigital eReaders

Approaching the marketplace in a novel fashion, Pandigital Novel Ereader focuses itself as an ereader yet gives users the sleekness of a 7-inch LCD color tablet display. This larger screen ereader, which operates as a touchscreen, is perfect for users who like to read in larger font sizes. Note that the glossy screen may prove to be too stressful on the eyes for reading longer than 30-45 minutes at any one time.

The Pandigital Novel Ereader LCD screen is a real plus for users who like to view material in a glossy screen. The Novel ereader does a solid job of laying out material from books to your library to searching the web at a users fingertips. Navigation is smooth throughout, although users are limited to accessing Barnes and Noble on the web.

Pandigital Novel Digital Reader (LCD Screen)

The Novel by Pandigital uses a 7 inch LCD touch screen rather than an electronic paper screen. The LCD screen requires backlighting which drastically shortens battery life when compared to e-paper competitors. The LCD screen allows the Pandigital novel to be a multimedia device and show full color video and display animated content such as games and animated websites. The Novel is not a tablet computer but it has more functionality than the average eReader.Pandigital Novel Specifications

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