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Sony eReaders

Sony is clearly one of the top manufacturers of ereaders. Sony has several products in the marketplace that appeal to users for different reasons, beginning with a nearly pocket sized ereader that can hold a thousand books, to a larger, nearly tablet sized ereader that also includes WiFi connectivity.

The e-Ink, or readable copy text, developed for Sony ereaders quickly morphed into other ereader devices. Sony's technology lets users comfortably read on their ereaders when in full sun, much like users would read a paperback.

Sony accepts the most types of copy files of any ereader on the marketplace. Users who want to read materials in multiple format/file types, such as pdf or txt or other files, can use the Sony ereader devices. The real appeal for Sony ereaders is that thousands of libraries all over the US and Canada make books and other items available for the Sony ereader, which opens up a range of reading possibilities and minimizes the investment in reading material more than other ereaders on the market.

Sony PRS-950

The PRS-950, called the Reader Daily Edition, sports a 7 inch e-ink touch screen. It is the largest of the Sony eReader models and supports many file formats, checkout from your local library and access to Sony's Reader store. Use a stylus for easy highlighting and a virtual keyboard for taking your own notes and making annotations. Sony PRS-950 Specifications

Sony PRS-600 Review Rating: 89.5/100

The PRS-600 is known as the Reader Touch Edition, it has a 6 inch, e-ink touch screen. The touch screen allows for a compact design since there is no need for another touch screen or button controls on the face of the unit. The unit supports the same file formats as the PRS-950 but is smaller, lighter and less expensive. Sony PRS-600 Specifications

Sony PRS-350 Review Rating: 91/100

The Reader Pocket Edition shares the same features as the Reader Touch edition but has a 5 inch, e-ink touch screen for an even more compact design. The Reader Pocket Edition is perfect for reading on the go. Sony PRS-350 Specifications

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