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Real Page Numbers Coming to Kindle

by Jack Burden

One of the long running complaints about the Kindle was the lack of real page numbers in the eBooks available on the device. The Kindle eBooks used a proprietary "location" system which works fine if you need to find a location in your own book but if you are discussing the book in a book club or asa student or with anyone not reading on a kindle there was no shared point of reference. If someone told you to see something on a certain page there was no way to look that up on a Kindle.

Now the latest generation of Kindles will be updated with new software that shows the true page number alongside the location. The latest generation of Kindles will be updated automatically to show this though generation 1 and 2 Kindles will not be receiving the upgrade "at this time" according to Amazon. It is unknown whether the older models will get this upgrade eventually.

Some other updates included with the page numbering are improved newspaper and magazine layouts, public note and highlight sharing and book rating.

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