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Step 1: What is an eReader or ebook reader?

How eReader Technology works - Differences with laptops

By Jack Burden

What is an eReader?Technically an eReader is any device you can read an eBook on. An eBook is a book in digital form that can be any number of different file file types. For the purposes of this article andthis website we are referring to an eReader as a dedicated eBook reading device, there are many examples of these but the most well known would probably be Amazon's Kindle eBook reader.

A Laptop, netbook or smartphone can open most of the ebook file formats or install software to act as an eReader. The principle difference being that these devices are not dedicated solely to reading eBooks and as such they lack some features that make a dedicated eReader convenient.

Dedicated eReaders are small, lightweight devices that may offer a few features besides reading but their principle use is to take the place of a book. Most are about the size of a small or medium paper back book and often weigh less. They have non-backlit screens which are easier on the eyes for extended reading but require a light source since they do not provide their own (for more on the screen see Step 2: What is e-ink? How does it work?). No screen back lighting also means a much longer battery life for dedicated eReaders. Finally, eReaders have convenient things like page turning buttons mounted near where you naturally hold a book or document and some feature built in dictionaries for looking up words you may not understand.

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