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Step 10: eReader Maintenance; How to care for your eBook reader after purchase

By Jack Burden

eReader Care and MaintenanceIf you carry your e-reader with you while you are traveling or just during your daily routine the best step you can take to care for it is to buy a case or protector of some sort for it. There are many types of cases available, most are deisgned to approximate a book. The front cover folds around behind the unit and allows for easy access to the controls and screen. Anyone who has a habit of breaking th bindings of their paper backs by opening them past flat or reads spiral bound documents knows how this feels in your hand. It adds some size and weight to the unit but offers good protection and often has pockets and such for storage.

Another option for protection is a skin. These are a common item for smart phones, they stick on the outside of the unit and add a layer of a hard surface that takes the brunt of normal wear and tear and add only negligable size and weight to your e-reader. They may or may not have cover the screen and if they do have a screen covering it may add some glare or reduce clarity.

eReader Care and MaintenanceCleaning the ereader should be done with a soft, slightly damp cloth and dried immediately with a soft, lint free towel. A screen cleaning cloth or soft, lint-free cloth with a lens cleaner will work for the screen. Don't use any abrasive glass cleaners on the screen of the device.

The only other maintenance item will be the unit's batteries. Most have batteries that the user can access but some, the Kindle specifically, require being sent back to the manufacturer to have the batteries changed when they wear out. E-book readers have extremely long battery life and don't require charging often so expect the rechargeable batteries in your ereader to last for a long time before they require changing.

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