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Step 2: Why buy an eReader or eBook reader?

Will it save me money and time?

By Jack Burden Информация Autovermietung kreta на нашем сайте.

An eReader will cost you anywhere from 140 to over 200 dollars and you may ask whether or not this is a wise investment or just the cost of convenience. If you buy a lot of books and the books you buy are available in eBook format then an eReader can save you a significant amount of money.

Will an eReader save me money?Consider a brand new, New York Times Bestseller hardcover release that sells in stores for 30 dollars may cost you less than 15 dollars in eBook format. It doesn't take a whole lot of purchases like that and your eReader will not only pay for itself it will also start creating savings on your book purchases. If you like to read out of copyright classics then the savings are even more significant. Even at a used book store a hardcover copy of War and Peace will cost a few dollars plus the trip to the store when you could download it to your eReader for free.

To put this into persepctive let's say you buy two books a month from the local book store, a hard cover that runs about $25 and a paperback for $8. Now consider making the same purchases on an ereader, the hard covers usually run about $12 and the paper back for $6. That comes out to about $396 per year at the bookstore and $216 for the ereader, $180 average savings per year. Not to mention the money you save on gas and car maintenance.

Free samples can also save you money. Have you ever bought a book that you closed before the first chapter was done and never picked it up again? That's money down the drain. With most ereaders you can download a sample of the beginning of the book, typically a chapter or two, and it's usually enough to decide if it's something you want to continue reading. If it keeps you from purchasing a few bad books a year you can add that to the savings.

With a wealth of content available for reduced prices or even for nothing, if you buy a lot of books it would be hard not to save money with an eReader.

For time savings an ereader can be even more impressive. With the most popular models you can browse a bookstore, download samples and buy books in seconds. In the time it takes to drive to the local bookstore you could load an ereader with enough to keep you reading for months if not years.

Most ereaders can store thousands of books in memory and provide a searchable database for finding whatever titles you want to read. If you have a personal library of real books that large, you'd need a lot of storage space and possibly even a Dewey Decimal sorted card catalog to find what you are looking for. An ereader is a remarkably convenient device.

11 Step Guide to Buying an eReader

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