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Step 8: eReaders and eBook reader retailers - Where to buy, which are best?

By Jack Burden

Brick & Mortar Stores

What is the best place to Buy an eReader?The biggest advantages of buying your e-reader at a local brick and mortar store are that you can pick it up immediately and they usually have a fairly liberal return policy if you want to test an e-book reader for a few weeks before making your final purchase decision. There will also usually be demo models in the store so you can get a feel for size, weight, screen quality and the controls of the unit.

The disadvantages are going to be a more limited selection of products and most likely a higher price than you will find online. If you live in a rural area it may also be inconvenient to drive to the stores to find a particular model.

If you are unsure which model you want the demo models and easier return should tilt the scales towards the brick and mortar retailer.

Online Retailers

What is the best place to Buy an eReader?Online retailers will most often have the advantage of price and lack of sales tax. The online stores can also ship anywhere if you are in an area that requires a long drive to find a store that carries e-readers. Shopping around and comparing prices online is much more convenient and higher concentrations of competiion create more sales and bundle promotions than you will find in stores.

You will be able to return items to most online dealers but it will require shipping the unit back and possibly a restocking fee.

If you know which e-reader you want then purchasing it online will be your best bet for saving money and easily finding the exact unit you are seeking.

11 Step Guide to Buying an eReader

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