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Step 9: Best eReader

Top 5 eReaders and eBook Readers by Editors Ratings

By Jack Burden Смотрите подробности у нас на сайте.

Based on our reviews and research we have put our top recommended e-book readers below. These devices are recommended based on screen clarity, performance, format comaptibility, value and ease of use. Certain features may push you towards one or the other but any eReader on this page should satisfy you as a great product.

Amazon Kindle 3 Rating: 91/100

The Kindle is probably the most popular eReader, it wasn't the first one but with Amazon's marketing muscle it has become the best known. Kindle is now in it's third generation and boasts a new high contrast screen, lighter weight and thinner construction. It has a built in dictionary, better PDF support, a rudimentary web browser and the ability to automatically upload your notes and highlights directly to your Facebook or Twitter profile. The Kindle is available in a WiFi only version and a 3G and WiFi version, it also comes in the traditional white and new graphite colors. Read the Amazon Kindle 3G Review

Barnes & Noble Nook Rating: 91/100

Barnes & Noble's answer to the Kindle also has a 6 inch e-ink screen but incorporates a color touch display for browing your library and other fuctions. The Nook supports more file formats than the Kindle and enables checking out e-books from your local library and loaning books to friends. The library and loaning has a time limit before access to the book shuts down. The Nook is also available in WiFi only and 3G/WiFi versions. Read the Barnes & Noble Nook 3G Review

Sony PRS-600 Rating: 89.5/100

The PRS-600 is known as the Reader Touch Edition, it has a 6 inch, e-ink touch screen. The touch screen allows for a compact design since there is no need for another touch screen or button controls on the face of the unit. The unit supports the same file formats as the PRS-950 but is smaller, lighter and less expensive. Read the Sony PRS-600 Review

Barnes & Noble Nook Color Rating: 95/100

When I first picked up a Nook Color for review I thought that it would be just like an eInk eBook reader except with color. What I quickly found out was that there are some major extras that nearly put the Nook Color in the Tablet category as well. One of the first major questions about the Nook Color that immediately came to mind was, "does it have a browser and if so how well does it search?" A quick search yielded a good result. The browser is something of a mystery, something like a simplified Google Chrome... Read the Barnes & Noble Nook Color Review

Sony PRS-350 Rating: 91/100

The smallest and lightest of the eReaders, the PRS-350 provides the ultimate portability in an eReader. The device is so small at 5" that it will fit inside a suit coat pocket, yet it will hold 2000 books. It contains a touch screen that allows swipe page turning. The controls are small and almost invisible - it appears like a small screen surrounded by a metal frame. It's one of the most unencumbering devices I've ever seen... Read the Sony PRS-350 Review

11 Step Guide to Buying an eReader

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